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SMC Detailing

Being passionate about cars and having an Eye for detail could only lead to
one thing. So I decided to set up my company SMC Detailing.

Vehicle Detailing and Ceramic Coatings

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SMC Vehicle Detailing
Ceramic coatings

Ceramic Coating Detail

These involve and include everything from the enhancement detail package, but the coatings used offer the best possible protection for you paintwork.

Ceramic Coatings are graded on an H Scale and the coatings on offer are rated 9H wich is the hardest liquid coating on offer. Also the coatings I offer are only available through an accreditation scheme which means you can only purchase and apply the products if you have received training and passed the course.

All coating details are priced upon inspection of the vehicle to give the most accurate quotation and gives me an opportunity to explain in depth the advantages of Ceramic coatings.

Ceramic Coating Detail

Vehicle Valeting

An intensive clean of your vehicle inside and out using market leading products and proven safe methods and techniques to ensure a thorough clean whilst maintaining safety in keeping all surfaces inside and out in the best possible condition.

Duration 2-3 hours

Small car £50
Medium car £60
Large car £70
X-large car £80

Vehicle Valeting