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SMC Detailing

Being passionate about cars and having an Eye for detail could only lead to
one thing. So I decided to set up my company SMC Detailing.

SMC Detailing offers vehicle detailing, ceramic coatings and paint protection film installation aswell as a mobile cleaning service to carry out maintenance cleans after the detailing work is complete to ensure the best possible life of the car thereafter.

From new car preparation to full restoration detailing work. There is no limit to what can be achieved in transforming vehicles with a vast connection to other sectors including interior and leather repairs, wheel refurbishment, exterior customisation, paint repairs and also mechanical and tuning connections.

SMC can truly offer a one stop shop in taking care of any vehicle. Either drop your car off and have peace of mind your car is in the right hands or we can arrange the covered transportation of the vehicle to and from us to ensure that the vehicle arrives to you in the same condition it leaves the inspection bay.

My passion

creates your joy..

Vehicle Valeting

An intensive clean of your vehicle inside and out using market leading products and
proven safe methods and techniques to ensure a thorough clean whilst maintaining
safety in keeping all surfaces inside and out in the best possible condition.
SMC Detailing



A spa day for your vehicle, starting with an intense and thorough wash down process which includes engine bay, arches and wheels before using PH neutral products to cleanse the paintwork including using a two bucket method wash down to ensure risk of wash damage is kept to a minimum.

Once rinsed down the vehicle is chemically decontaminated removing bonded contaminates like Tar and rubber and tree sap before physical decontamination in preparation for machine polishing.

Portfolio of work

SMC Detailing